2023 Event Schedule:  Jolly Mon 6/9-11, Gotm On 7/7-9, Rumble 9/29-10/1, Fall Brawl 10/20-22, Wildcard 11/1, Championship 11/3-5
Kingfish Cup Wildcard

Event Information

WHEN: November 1, 2023
WHERE: Ocean Isle Beach, NC

* Open to ALL Kingfish Cup teams *

In the event the weather is deemed unsuitable to fish Nov 1st,  Nov 2nd is the only optional reschedule date.  If competition is not deemed suitable either Nov 1st or Nov 2nd, the tournament will be cancelled for the year.

NO ENTRY FEE- NO ENTRY FORM.  If you check-out, then you will be counted as entered at that time.  

Payout open to ALL participants: 1st- $3000, 2nd- $2000, 3rd- $1000  -- available for ALL Kingfish Cup teams fishing this event

The top 3 finishing teams NOT all ready qualified for the Championship will earn a Wildcard invite to fish in the Championship 

Based on heaviest 2-fish aggregate

No entry form because its a FREE event.  When you check-out, get your boat inspected and get a boat number; that means you are entered. *You may have bait on board, but NO KINGFISH for inspection. 

When you check-out, there will be a $100, BIG FISH, WINNER-TAKE-ALL, CASH TWT option to enter if you choose.

Check-out w/boat inspection from the OIFC dock between 5:30am and 6:30am.  Deadline to check-out is 7:30am.

Shotgun start at 7am- You must be in ICW between Green 93 to west of bridge and Red 90 to east of bridge.  Listen to VHF 68 for the "GO"

Weigh-in opens at 2:30pm

Check-in at the base of the Ocean Isle Beach bridge by 3:30pm.  If you arrive before the check-in boat is in place, go straight to the weigh-dock.  You must show your boat number to the check-in boat located at the base of the OIB bridge by 3:30pm.

Tournament Boundaries Swansboro to Georgetown Jetties:  (You must be West of GPS line 76 55 00 and east of GPS line 79 10 00)

Winners will be announced by social media and receive winnings at the Championship Capt. Party

All other rules are based on Championship rules #6 - #21 - see them here:  https://www.kingfishcup.com/rules/championship-rules 

A polygraph exam may be required of any captain weighing a fish in this event.  The exam must be taken within 24 hours of the fish being weighed and will lead to DQ if not passed.

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