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Qualifying Rules

  1.  Each qualifying event has it's own rules.  Those rules apply to all participating in the qualifying event, regardless of the Kingfish Cup
  2. Teams are not required to fish any set number of qualifying events.  Fish one or fish all four and amass a point total high enough to finish in the top 25 and you will receive an invite to the Championship.  There will be a provision whereby any Kingfish Cup team that wins a qualifying event will recieve an automatic invite to the Kingfish Cup Championship.
  3. In an effort to insure honesty and integrity, all Kingfish Cup qualifying events will administer a mandatory polygraph test.
  4. If any Kingfish Cup team is disqualified from a qualifying event, no points will be received for that event and the Kingfish Cup team will be subject to disqualification without refund and removed from contention for any future Kingfish Cup prize opportunities.  This decision is at the sole discretion of the Kingfish Cup committee
  5. Any team that wishes to recieve points toward their qualifying total must:  a)  Be registered in the qualifying event under the same boat name as registered in the Kingfish Cup, b)  have AT A MINIMUM, EITHER the registered captain or registered co-captain on board the boat during competition.  
  6. A Kingfish Cup team may fish whatever boat they choose, there are no limitations to changing equipment during the season.
  7. The team that amasses the highest point total the end of the four qualifying events will be awarded the "Team of the Year" trophy.
  8. In the event of a points total tie at year-end, the team which has weighed the largest King during a qualifying event will recieve the higher position.

Qualifying Event Locations

East Coast Got Em On Jolly Mon Fall Brawl Rumble In The Jungle