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About the Kingfish Cup


No. To qualify you must amass the highest point total.  That can be done with up to three fish, thus if you catch a 100 pounder you will likely qualify.  Further, if you win a qualifying event you will automatically get an invite to the championship.

Your initial entry in Level 1, 2 and/or 3 is the ONLY entry fee you will have to pay all year.  Those payouts that are published are for EACH of the qualifying events.  

No.  The initial entry fee you pay will cover you.  Thus if you make the top 25, you get an invite and don't have to pay an entry fee; you paid that upfront at the start of the season.  * It is likely there will be a Calcutta or two offered for the Championship, but no additional entry fee.*

Anyone can fish with you during the Championship.  The only requirement is that at minimum, EITHER the registered Captain OR Co-Captain must be on the boat.

You have until midnight, Friday, June 16th to continue to add Levels to your entry.  After that date, all payouts will be set for the season, through the Championship.

Entry opens March 15th at 9am, on-line.  The first 100 boats to enter Level 1 will set the field.  You can enter Level 2 & 3 anytime up until June 16th by logging back in to your entry on the website.  The thought here is to set the 100 boat field and then allow teams a 3 month window to collect funds to enter additional big $$ Levels 2 & 3.  

Initial entry on March 15th at 9am will be on-line only.  This is to allow fairness to the first 100 attempting to get in.  If the field is not full as of March 16th, you may bring your entry fee to the Ocean Isle Fishing Center and fill out an entry fee and submit.  You MAY bring additional entry Levels 2 & 3 and pay in person to the Ocean Isle Fishing Center before June 16th.  In addition, you may enter additonal Levels at the Capt. Party on June 15th.  

If you enter AT LEAST two Levels of entry, then you will be offered the opportunity to enter next year's Kingfish Cup before entry is opened up to the public.

No.  The Championship is a recreational event and thus recreational rules will apply.  Teams will be required to abide by state bag limit laws during competition.  

At the end of the last qualifying event, the Rumble, each team will have a rank based on their total combined 3 fish weight.  The top 25 teams will be invited to the Championship.  If by chance none of these 25 teams are in Level 2 and/or Level 3, then moneys from either Level would go to the top three highest ranked teams.  If only two teams make the Championship that are in Level 2 or 3, those two teams will be battling it out for who gets first place money from that Level, while the third place money would go to the highest ranked team that did not make the Championship top 25.  

As relates to points; it will remain your best three fish point total.  Thus there would be no drop fish.  

As relates to prize money designated towards payout in that Qualifying event; it would be pushed to the next Qualifying event to double that payout.  In the event it was the last Qualifying event that was cancelled, the money would be pushed to the Championship.

Prize moneys will be awarded based on point total accumulated from Qualifying event; your end of year rank.

Absolutley YES !  The Kingfish Cup is proud to be a part of these awesome local events, but in no way will it affect how these events have been and will continue to be operated.  Kingfish Cup or not, we want you at the Jolly Mon, Got'em On, Fall Brawl and Rumble.

The Kingfish Cup has its own entry.  It is an "umbrella" that rides over top of the Jolly Mon, Got'em On, Fall Brawl and Rumble.  Thus you will pay entry fees like you always have to participate in the Jolly Mon etal. and the Kingfish Cup will be a seperate entry fee.  

If you win 1st place in any of the qualifying events, (Jolly Mon, Got'em On, Fall Brawl, Rumble) then you get an automatic invite to the Kingfish Cup Championship.  You have to win 1st overall in the event to get the event though, not just top Kingfish Cup boat.

The Jolly Mon, Got'em On........are like they always have been.  You can pay them anytime or at their Capt. Meeting.  The Kingfish Cup isn't changing anything about these events; it is simply an umbrella riding over the top.

No.  You can change the Co-Captain up until the first qualifying event, but the Captain's name cannot be changed once entry is recieved.

This is just giving you the chance to enter these events while you are entering the Kingfish Cup.  You don't have to choose any of them, it's just a one-stop shop to enter Kingfish Cup and any of the other qualifying events at one time. 

What is the Kingfish Cup?

The Kingfish Cup is a new, limited entry, tournament series that will pay over $280,000 in prize money.  It will offer 100 teams the opportunity to compete over a course of four qualifying events to earn an invitation to a Championship event which will pay out over $70,000 to its winner.  The Kingfish Cup qualifying events are the Jolly Mon, Got’em On, Fall Brawl and Rumble King Mackerel tournaments.  The first 100 teams that choose to sign up to participate in the Kingfish Cup will fish these four events to amass the highest three fish point total; there will be one drop weight available out of the four events.  The 25 teams that amass the highest three fish point total will receive an invitation to compete in the Kingfish Cup Championship event.  In addition, any Kingfish Cup team that wins 1st place in a qualifying event will earn an invitation to the Championship; thus the largest possible field to fish the Kingfish Cup Championship will be 29 boats.  This final event will be held November 9-12th from Ocracoke Island, NC. 

How is Prize Money Awarded?

To participate in the Kingfish Cup, the first 100 teams must pay the required minimum Level 1 entry fee of $500.  There will be two optional entry levels; Level 2 fee is $1500 and Level 3 fee is $2500.  Entry to Level 1 will close when the 100 boat field is filled.  However, teams within this 100 boat field may add additional "optional" Levels to their entry up until June 16th, prior to the start of the first qualifying event, the Jolly Mon.  All 100 teams participating in the Kingfish Cup will compete for Level 1 money while only those teams who enter the optional Level 2 and/or Level 3 will be competing for that level’s money. Level 1, 2 and 3 money will be awarded in two different ways.  The first will be through the qualifying events; Jolly Mon, Got’em On, Fall Brawl and Rumble.  In each of these qualifying events, the top 5 finishing Kingfish Cup teams will win money based on which level or levels of entry they are participating.  Projected payouts for each of the four qualifying events are as follows:


Level 1 (based on 100)

Level 2 (based on 75)

Level 3 (based on 60)

Total Payout


$1685 per event

$3800 per event

$5060 per event

$10,545 per event





















***   $140,560 total prize money awarded through all four qualifying events   ***

The second way that Level 1, 2 and 3 money will be awarded is at the Kingfish Cup Championship event.  The 25 to 29 qualifying boats will be competing for the remainder of the purse not awarded in the qualifying events.  Projected payouts for the Kingfish Cup Championship event are as follows:


Level 1 (based on 100)

Level 2 (based on 75)

Level 3 (based on 60)

Total Payout
















***   $140,620 total prize money awarded to winners of Kingfish Cup Championship   ***

How to Enter the Kingfish Cup

All registration for the Kingfish Cup must be done online.  The first 100 teams to register will set the field and registration for new entrants will close; when initially registering, a team is required to enter Level 1, a $500 cost.  Optional Entry Levels 2 & 3 can be entered at the time of initial entry OR up until close of all registration on June 16th, prior to the start of the first qualifying event, the Jolly Mon.  If a team enters and then wishes to go back into the registration and add an optional Level, they may do so by going online to the Kingfish Cup registration page and entering the Captain's Last Name and Birth Date.  The Captain's entry information will then be retrieved and available entry Levels will shown and can be selected and paid.   

The Kingfish Cup Captain’s Party

Wednesday, June 14th, 7pm:  The OIFC Wing & Fish Company will be hosting a get together for all Kingfish Cup entrants.  Festivities will include complimentary food from the Wing & Fish Company, cash bar and live entertainment.  The Captain’s Party will allow the Cup director to address all participants regarding rules, procedures, points tabulation and answer any questions.  In addition, optional levels can be entered on-site.  ** Note- Each registered team can bring 4 members to the Captain's Party at no additional cost.  Any additional team members will be at a cost of $20 per.

The Kingfish Cup Championship

November 9-12, Ocracoke Island, NC

2 fish aggregate format, one fish per day

Ocracoke is small island, accessible only by boat.  The only port on the island is Silver Lake, a large open basin around which most of the island’s accommodations and restaurants are situated.  This setting makes for great fellowship and camaraderie amongst competitors.  During the month of November, Ocracoke is less than 20 miles from a King Mackerel fishery that is second to none, including the upper Gulf.  The numbers of 30-40 pound King Mackerel keep the tournament competitor’s adrenaline pumping; 50 pound King Mackerel are all but a guarantee and 60 pound King Mackerel are likely.  The lay of the land and proximity to the fishing grounds allow anglers to reach the fish and have success through often adverse Fall weather conditions.  These are the reasons why Ocracoke was chosen as the location for the Kingfish Cup Championship.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, November 9th:

6:30pm Captain’s Party

Friday, November 10th:  Fish Day 1

5:30am-6:30am:  Boat inspections at Anchorage Inn Marina docks

6:30-7am:  Check-out from Silver Lake

7:10am:  Shotgun start

2pm:  Scales open

4pm:  All boats must be checked-in

6:30pm:  After-weigh dinner (location to be announced)

Saturday, November 11th:  Fish Day 2

5:30am-6:30am:  Boat inspections at Anchorage Inn Marina docks

6:30-7am:  Check-out from Silver Lake

7:10am:  Shotgun start

2pm:  Scales open

4pm:  All boats must be checked-in

6:30pm:  Awards Ceremony & Dinner Party

Sunday, November 12th- WX reschedule day

Championship Format & Rules Highlights:

1.       - Winners shall be determined by the highest two fish, combined aggregate weight. 

2.      - Competition shall take place on Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th; one fish weighed per day to achieve the two fish aggregate.  In the event the weather is deemed unfavorable for competition, on Friday, November 10th, Saturday, November 11th will become the single competition day, and teams will weigh two fish to achieve the two fish aggregate.  In the event Saturday, November 11th is deemed unfavorable for competition, Sunday, November 12th will become the single competition day, and teams will weigh two fish to achieve the two fish aggregate.  ** There will be no "... the weather is bad so its up to you to decide to fish and then weigh or not" deal happening here.  We either all fish on the same field or not at all.**

3.       - Boats will be checked-out from the end of the Anchorage Inn Marina docks from 6:30am-7am.  Once boats are checked out, they will proceed outside Silver Lake and hold between Markers (to be announced).  The "GO FISH" call will be given by VHF at roughly 7:10am and all boats checked-out are clear to head to their desired fishing grounds.

4.       - Boats will be checked-in at Marker (to be announced) near the mouth of Silver Lake from 3pm-4pm.  Any boat arriving prior to 3pm may go straight to the weigh dock.  Any boat not past Marker (to be announced) by 4pm will be disqualified.

5.       - A mandatory polygraph will be administered to Kingfish Cup Championship winners and must be passed to collect prize monies. 

Accommodations & Dockage:

- Anchorage Inn & Marina- 252-928-1101 / :  The Anchorage has dockage and accomodations.  It will be the host motel for the event.  The Capt. Meeting, Weigh-in and Checkout will take place at the Anchorage Inn & Marina.  Special rates will be available for Kingfish Cup teams. 

***  The entire motel is being held for Kingfish Cup Championship Qualifiers.  Reservations will not be opened up until Kingfish Cup Championship invites have been announced on Monday, October 23rd. ***

- Island Golf Cart Rentals-  252-928-0090 / :  In the event you choose to run your boat to Ocracoke rather than trailer, and thus need a means for ground transportation, golf cart rentals are available next door to the Anchorage Inn.  Special rates will be available for Kingfish Cup teams.

Kingfish Cup Qualifying Events

Each of the four Kingfish Cup qualifying events have established themselves as successful, fishermen friendly events.  The Jolly Mon, Got’em On, Fall Brawl and Rumble host an average of 200 fishing teams per event and in 2016 awarded total winnings in excess of $500,000 and donated over $20,000 to local and regional charities. 

To receive points in the Kingfish Cup and thus qualify for the Championship, teams will fish in these four events to amass the highest three fish point total.  Each qualifying event will have its own rules and operate independently as they always have.  Kingfish Cup teams must abide by each qualifying event’s rules to receive points.

*** Teams are not required to fish any set number of qualifying events.  Fish one or fish all four and amass a point total high enough to finish in the top 25 and you will receive an invite to the Championship.  There will be a provision whereby any Kingfish Cup team that wins a qualifying event will recieve and automatic invite to the Kingfish Cup Championship.

***  In an effort to insure honesty and integrity, all Kingfish Cup qualifying events will administer a mandatory polygraph test.  ***

*** If any Kingfish Cup team is disqualified from a qualifying event, no points will be received for that event and the Kingfish Cup team will be subject to disqualification without refund and removed from contention for any future Kingfish Cup prize opportunities.  This decision is at the sole discretion of the Kingfish Cup committee*


The team that amasses the highest three fish point total at the end of the four qualifying events will be awarded the "Team of the Year" trophy & $5000.

Display Your Kingfish Cup Colors

When you enter the Kingfish Cup, you will receive a custom Kingfish Cup flag.  You are asked to zip tie this flag to your VHF antennae so that it can be seen during all Kingfish Cup qualifying events.  The flag will allow you and others to know who Kingfish Cup competitors are as well as allow dockside Kingfish Cup staff to recognize participating teams.

Kingfish Cup T-shirts will also be available for purchase at the Captain’s Party, the Jolly Mon Captain’s Meeting and the Kingfish Cup Championship.  Shirts will be available in sizes S-XXL in either a long sleeve black or short sleeve white. 


Long Sleeve Black, S-XL $20, XXL- $25                                                      Short Sleeve White- S-XL- $10, XXL- $15

Qualifying Event Locations

East Coast Got Em On Jolly Mon Fall Brawl Rumble In The Jungle