Power Rankings

Power Rankings are determined using the following method:  End-of-year qualifying position + Championship finishing position / 2 = Score.  The lower the score, the higher the Power Ranking.  As time progresses, the power ranking will continue to index a team's finish.  For example, after this season the Power Ranking will be:  2017 end-of-year qualifying position + 2017 Championship finishing position + 2018 end-of-year qualifying position + 2018 Championship finishing position / 4 = Score.

1OIFCBrant McMullan5.5
2Do Work / OIFCJeff Beck6.5
3Liquid FireC. Mark Henderson7.5
4BeeracudaTim Gray8
5Clearly HookedAustin Eubank9
6Shock WaveZack Shackleton9
7McAttackWilliam McCann11.5
8Reel AttitudeAllen Wells12
9Xcessive RiskAthan Parker12
10Team GripFlipGaston Hughes12.5
11The Reel ExterminatorsMatt Canady13
12Timber SailsPhil Hayes13
13Hookin Ain't EasyMatthew Wilkins13.5
14Kryptek Fishing Team John Sims13.5
15Man O War / Anglers MarineMike Miller14
16Strictly BusinessJeff Crouch14
17Hot RodBrett Barnes 14.5
18Knot RightScott Pelletier15.5
19Team Uno MasDavid Rucker15.5
20Contend This!Hunter Woodell16
21Breaking Bad/Tackle BoxGary Pollard16.5
22Fish Hard Gear Christos Carroll17
23Coming In HotAshley Widenhouse17.5
24Goin DeepMark Stephenson18.5
25Outta Line Jonmichael Fackrell20
26Salt TherapyTony Morgan35

Qualifying Event Locations

East Coast Got Em On Jolly Mon Fall Brawl Rumble In The Jungle