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Power Rankings

Power rankings are determined using the following method: End of year's qualifying position + Championship finishing position / 2 = score.  After each year, a score is attained and that is rolled into the next year.  The denominator will go up by 1 after each year.  The lowest possible score for End of year's qualifying position is 50.  The lowest possible score for the Championship finishing position is 20.  A team must have participated a minimum of 2 years to be scored on Power Rankings.

RankingBoatCapt.2017 Score2018 KFC Standing2018 KFC Qualifer StandingScore
1OIFCBrant McMullan5.523 3.50
2Liquid FireC. Mark Henderson7.565 6.17
3Rasta RocketZack Shackleton938 6.67
4The Reel ExterminatorsMatt Canady1374 8.00
5Strictly BusinessJeff Crouch1115610.67
6Breaking Bad/Tackle BoxGary Pollard16.541612.17
7Rigged and ReadyKevin Sneed351212.67
8Wahooligans Fishing TeamAaron Wilkinson29.551315.83
9Timber SailsPhil Hayes13172117.00
10Wilmington Auto/King HunterRobbie Roberts2320917.33
11Miller TimeBrent Gainey3516117.33
12Team OIFCBarrett McMullan26141518.33
13Coming In HotAshley Widenhouse17.5102918.83
14Fully Loaded MarineDerek Treffinger3520720.67
15Reel AttitudeAllen Wells12203121.00
16Sea P.A.Ken Ritch24.593021.17
17Sea BanditLee Frick33201723.33
18Miles 2 FishBrent Welborn35201924.67
19Game HawgJerry Fehlig32202425.33
20Do Work / OIFCJeff Beck6.5205025.50
21Team GripFlipGaston Hughes12204626.00
22BeeracudaTim Gray8205026.00
23Clearly HookedAustin Eubank9205026.33
24McAttackWilliam McCann11.5205027.17
25Wave GraderDon Pritchard31.5203227.83
26Hookin Ain't Easy / Anglers MarineMatthew Wilkins13.5205027.83
27Man O War / Anglers MarineMike Miller14205028.00
28Hot RodBrett Barnes 14.5205028.17
29Contend This!Hunter Woodell15205028.33
30Mining My BidnessChuck Permenter30.5203628.83
31Raunchie ConchCameron Atkins24204429.33
32Goin DeepMark Stephenson18.5205029.50
33Reel HeelAndrew Ward34203529.67
34BadFishJohn Sledge35203730.67
35Karma BitesDarren Stevenson25204730.67
36Ante UpBruce Martin26.5205032.17
37Conference CallMichael J Blankenship35204232.33
38Makin DewDavid Purser27205032.33
39Yellowfin OnlyScott Smith35204332.67
40Main Event/Reel Methods Christopher Register 30204933.00
41Get'n BentKeith Berciunas29205033.00
42Nauti LadyAndy Broadwell31205033.67
43Lil John/ Reel Em Up Fishing TeamGlenn Krofchick35195034.67
44Sportsman's ChoiceMickey Thompson35205035.00
45Fish WhistleWallace Trayah35205035.00
46Fin-AddictScott Whitaker35205035.00
47Choice of Two/OIFCCorey Bellamy35205035.00
48Reel FastKeith Wood35205035.00
49Lookin 2 HookupMatt Peele35205035.00
50Damph I NoRoger Pennington35205035.00
51Final ApproachJames Demyan35205035.00
52Salty DazeJody Staley35205035.00
53Tricky Fish/Anglers MarineTodd Williams35205035.00
54Get Floor'dBenjy Faulkner35205035.00
55Four HooksTed Young35205035.00
56Trigger MackJeff Morris35205035.00
57Mackerel MafiaRaymond Coleman35205035.00
58Total ChaosTaylor Henkel35205035.00
59TadpoleDavid Narron35205035.00
60Hail Yeah/OIFCBrian Aycock35205035.00
61That's My DogForrest Taylor35205035.00
62Collision CourseMichael Lucas35205035.00
63East Coast SportsRandall Edens35205035.00
64Comin N HotGlenn Albert35205035.00

Qualifying Event Locations

East Coast Got Em On Jolly Mon Fall Brawl Rumble In The Jungle