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Enrollment for 2019 teams begins March 1. Open Enrollment to fill the 100 boat field starts March 15

Money List

1Rigged and ReadyKevin Sneed$141,307.00
2Rasta RocketZack Shackleton$136,510.00
3Liquid FireC. Mark Henderson$107,971.00
4OIFCBrant McMullan$102,963.00
5Fish MeisterDean Spatholt$86,105.00
6Eastbound Fishing TeamChris Enoch$53,495.00
7Reel AttitudeAllen Wells$49,034.00
8Wahooligans Fishing TeamAaron Wilkinson$38,380.00
9Breaking BadGary Pollard$34,686.00
10Team GripFlipGaston Hughes$28,185.00
11Wilmington Auto/King HunterRobbie Roberts$25,672.00
12Clear CutShane Moore$25,333.00
13Miller TimeBrent Gainey$24,044.00
14King Carnivore/Anglers MarineBRANDON WILKINS$22,283.00
15Strictly BusinessJeff Crouch$21,730.00
16Xcessive RiskAthan Parker$18,695.00
17Sails callScott Rothenberg$17,795.00
18Hookin Ain't Easy / Anglers MarineMatthew Wilkins$17,721.00
19TwisterPatrick Bryant$17,015.00
20The Reel Exterminators/ OIFCMatt Canady$16,017.00
21Timber SailsPhil Hayes$15,336.00
22BeeracudaTim Gray$13,855.00
23Wrong HoleRick Earnhardt$13,352.00
24Kryptek Fishing Team/Anglers MarineJohn Sims$13,346.00
25SolidsurfaceAndy Nettles$12,418.00
26Ante UpBruce Martin$12,268.00
27Long Shot TVWade Long$12,185.00
28Do Work / OIFCJeff Beck$10,610.00
29Miles 2 FishBrent Welborn$10,555.00
30That's My DogForrest Taylor$10,470.00
31McAttackWilliam McCann$10,325.00
32Karma BitesDarren Stevenson$10,215.00
33Conference CallMichael J Blankenship$9,705.00
34Lil John/ Reel Em Up Fishing TeamGlenn Krofchick$9,315.00
35Sea P.A.Ken Ritch$9,260.00
36On Point/Miss LaRobby Brown$8,440.00
37Sportsman's ChoiceMickey Thompson$7,990.00
38Hot HookMark Coley$7,700.00
39No QuarterWayne Tew$7,451.00
40Clearly HookedAustin Eubank$7,415.00
41King Snake Blake Stone$7,350.00
42Top ChoiceDavid Gore$6,095.00
43Salty DazeJody Staley$5,710.00
44BAY PIRATEWilliam Hughes$5,710.00
45Mining My BidnessChuck Permenter$4,995.00
46Man O War / Anglers MarineMike Miller$3,925.00
47PackmanBilly Nobles$3,000.00
48Tide LineDieter Cardwell$2,835.00
49Undecided 2Bob Earnhardt$2,625.00
50Knot RightScott Pelletier$2,360.00
51Goin DeepMark Stephenson$1,960.00
52ForestSea/Savy DawnRyan Clark$1,867.00
53Makin DewDavid Purser$1,575.00
54All In Kenneth Strickland$1,575.00
55The Whipping Post Tim Christie$1,500.00
56Total ChaosTaylor Henkel$1,400.00
57Out NumberedMike Smith$1,250.00
58Reel-A-HolicsScott Kiker$500.00
59Conjured UpRyan Rayfield$500.00

Qualifying Event Locations

East Coast Got Em On Jolly Mon Fall Brawl Rumble In The Jungle